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Kathe Martin
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by Julie R on Kathe Martin

I have been Kathe’s client for several years now, and I have had both telephone and in-person readings. Most of my readings have been by phone, and they have been phenomenal. Kathe is incredibly gifted, very accurate, and professional. I highly recommend her services..

by Ingrid Ehrensbeck on Kathe Martin
Zoom Reading

I know that many people may be skeptical about having a reading done over zoom. I would like to tell you that my reading was so very insightful, I was given closer to some questions and information was shared that only my family that crossed over would have been able to provide to me. There were many smiles and tears during my reading and justification as to the path that I am on, the reassurance of choices I've made. If you have any questions of the legitimacy and accuracy of a zoom reading, I am here to tell you that yes, and I will be schedule a meeting with her again very soon.
Thank you Kathe for providing me the validation and comfort I so much needed.
You have a gift that I truly appreciate you sharing with me.
Very Sincerely,
Ingrid Ehrensbeck

by Melanie on Kathe Martin
Phone reading

I recently had a phone reading with Kathe. It was my first personal experience with a medium and it will not be my last with Kathe. She possesses a true gift and it was both a comfort and joy to connect with loved ones on the other side.

by Tiffany Ray on Kathe Martin
Phone Reading

I have had an in person interview and a phone interview. Both readings were amazing. Kathe is so spot on I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Thank you so much for making mr feel comfortable on the phone

by Linda Fain on Kathe Martin
Phone Combo Reading

I was supposed to have a face to face but instead had a phone reading. It was far better than I thought it would be and so accurate. Kathe is genuine and not at all commercialized. It was nice to reconnect to my family and she brought up things only the family would know. I am just amazed at her ability to connect with the other side. Thank you, I do appreciate it very much

by Terri C. on Kathe Martin
Thank you for the phone reading!

I have used Kathe's services for years. In my most recent appointment, I opted for a phone reading verses my usual in-person. I found the information that Kathe shared to be just as accurate. I asked as many questions as I needed, just as with in-person. The ease and convenience of receiving a reading from the comfort of my own home was a great experience. I definitely plan to use this method to receive services again. Kathe is an awesome tarot reader and medium. Her insight and professionalism are second to none. 5 stars all the way!

by Jessica Harrell on Kathe Martin

Unfortunately I was unable to do the inperson reading but the phone interview was just as good. Kathe was very professional and an all around easy person to talk to. She connected with exactly who i prayed would come through and gave me some closure for the broken relationship. I am very grateful for this and would refer anyone to Kathe. She is definitely a gifted individual.

by Mountaincoco on Kathe Martin
My go-to!

I have been a clairvoyant and medium for 30 years. My clientele is international and I am fortunate to be trusted and confided in by all manner of people, everywhere. I say this because Kathe is MY trusted go-to reader. I listen to no one else but her! I have been her client for several years, although we have never once met in person. Her skills are so phenomenal that she absolutely doesn’t require an in-person appointment if you can’t make it. She is dead-on, laser-sharp accurate over the phone, and so much so that I have trusted her with many important issues in my life, from financial to familial to professional. And you could not ask for a more down-to-earth, caring silly “fluffiness” here. She is just exceptional, and I’ll never let her go! I am one of the toughest characters you can get as a client because I am a colleague, and Kathe is the real deal! I don’t know what’s I’d do without her, and I pray that I will never find out!

by Kathe on Kathe Martin
Emailed Review

Recently I received a lovely email from a client a few days after her reading. She gave me permission to post it here. Her name has been deleted to preserve privacy. In addition to it just being such a nice validation, I enjoyed the caramel corn - Carmella story. It goes to show how I can interpret - or misinterpret - messages. I once heard John Edward say he might be talking about Porky Pig when he was really supposed to talk about bacon. The same goes for caramel corn. Enjoy...
I just wanted to take the time to thank you for meeting with me Saturday. I understand that I scheduled and paid for a session but I would just like to thank you so much for everything. A lot of what you said was just so incredibly on point. You managed to bring forth 4 out of the 6 people I was hoping to connect with. While I hoped for the 6, the four you projected and had direct communication with were the ones I was desperately seeking answers from, and the way you projected them was so accurate, and so on point for who they were that I couldn’t even put it into words. I felt in those moments I was speaking to at least three out of the four of them myself while they were still here with me physically. They were all so pivotal in my life yet so incredibly different, there’s no way anyone could have impersonated them even if they wanted to...We did have a surprise visitor, my great aunt passed about 6 months ago and while I wasn’t incredibly close to her, she was someone very dear to my mother. You kept mentioning holidays, sweets, bringing family together and caramel popcorn. With my family being Italian and all born in Italy, none of them even know what caramel corn is...I tried it for the first time last year honestly...but as soon as my mom heard my reading she immediately picked up that caramel was possibly referencing her name, Carmella. And your depiction was very much everything I would associate her with. I’m happy to know she’s with that collection of beautiful women in my circle up in heaven watching over me. I received so much clarity from everything we discussed and I just have so much peace. It’s as if a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders. Thank you again, you’re truly a gift and I hope and pray one day my parents and fiancé would be able to speak with you one day to obtain the healing that I was able to gain. Thank you again and have a blessed day.

by Doreen Rihn on Kathe Martin
Insightful and healing

I had my first reading with Kathe and it was a wonderful experience. I received messages from loved ones that gave me confirmation that our departed can and do still visit us. I was very comfortable speaking with Kathe, and believe that she is genuine and caring. I’m very thankful to have found someone with her ability and plan to have another session as soon as possible. Knowing that we never really lose our connections with our departed is comforting and assuring. Kathe has a true gift, and I am grateful to have received the information she brought forward.

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