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Kathe Martin
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 by Jaime Cassese
Spot On!

Kathe is spot on with her readings. I have had two AfterLife and one regular reading and she gave details that only a real Psychic Medium would know. My last AfterLife reading gave me closure and validated something that had been happening was being done by my deceased loved one. If you’ve ever wanted to connect with a loved one that has passed please give Kathe a try.

 by K

Kathe confirmed so many things with our encounter. This was my 2nd time in a year. So many things became more clear. The why and The Who concerning my loved one. I definitely recommend speaking with her as she is genuine.

 by Anonymous

I have spoken with Kathe a few times over the past four years.

After coming to her with many heartbreaks and failed relationships, on 10/31/2020, she told me the first letter and then name of someone about to be entering my life. She told me that big things would start happening by the end of that year or the next. She also shared that when I met them, I would get an instinctive feeling and that’s how I would just know he was my person. She also shared it was someone I had a connection with from a past life and described his features.

Well, in January 2021, I met the love of my life! We’re engaged and getting married next summer.

 by Samantha Troup

My very first reading with Kathe and she made me feel like we were in the same room even though it was over the phone. My daddy came through as well as my beloved dog who had just crossed over. My heart and soul feel more at ease since my reading a few weeks ago in September 2021

 by Monica
One of the best experiences of my life

This was my very first reading ever. As soon as I picked up the phone for my reading it was like having a conversation with someone I’ve known for a while- comfortable, peaceful, and exciting in ways I could never have imagined. I will be contacting Kathe for readings again and again and referring her to my friends and family. She is the real deal! Even over the phone it felt like we were sitting in the room together.

 by AReed
The Best!

Kathe has been my trusted spiritual advisor for over 5 years. Her intuitiveness and guidance from spirit is always on point and I trust that when she is speaking with me, her words are spoken with truth, insight and compassion and always from spirit. I seek her guidance on career, health and relationships, although when we speak she is already in the know of my concerns. I am very grateful the universe led me to Kathe. What is even more amazing is that Kathe is on the east coast and I am on the west coast. Her readings are just as insightful as if I were sitting right across from her in person. I have never felt our distance has compromised her clarity and the guidance she receives from spirit. I always look forward to our chats twice a year!

 by Megan L
Kathe is an earthly angel

My reading with Kathe this past April really changed my entire perspective on life and afterlife in the most beautiful way. I have always been interested in communicating with the afterlife so after extensive research I decided to book my first ever psychic medium reading with Kathe. I scheduled my combo Over the Phone Afterlife Communication and Tarot reading for the end of April and in the meantime prepared myself for the reading by downloading a tape a call app and reading all of the tips Kathe provides which I really recommend because I replay the phone call for comfort a lot.

Fast forward to the reading, and even over the phone I could already feel how warm and caring Kathe is so right away I felt at ease. Kathe immediately connected with the main person I was hoping to connect with, my maternal grandmother, and I was flooded with emotions. Specific images that Kathe got from my grandma such as my her hands in water because she was always hand washing dishes or her irritation for my aunt’s former yappy dogs validated for me and my family that she is still with us, just not physically. Hearing about other personal details that arose that no one else really knows besides myself and my grandma was also incredible to experience, while simultaneously freaky but in the coolest, most loving way!
Kathe was also able to connect with other loved ones that had messages to relay and of those souls was one of my best friend’s relatives who I wasn’t expecting to hear from but am so grateful that I did. That connection brought so much healing and love all through Kathe’s gift. All of the connections she made brought healing, love, peace, gratitude, and hope to my life. I have always believed that my deceased loved ones are still with me in spirit but to have the confirmation through Kathe was truly life altering. I believe everything happens for a reason and am grateful that I was able to have that experience with Kathe because it has made me strive to be the best person I can be for myself and everyone else.

One month ago and three months after the reading, my childhood dog of almost 13 years was diagnosed with severe cancer. A week after she was diagnosed, we had to say goodbye to her. That week in between was one of the hardest weeks of my entire life. I was absolutely devastated, am still heartbroken, and will miss her something fierce until the day we are reunited. I know for a fact that my guardian angels made sure I had done my reading with Kathe before I had to say goodbye to my dog because I wouldn’t have been able to handle it if not. What I mean by that is that although I was so angry and heartbroken that I had to say goodbye to her, I knew I was only saying goodbye to her physically. She and I have a soul connection and bond that is so irreplaceable that I knew she would still be with me even once her body is not and Kathe’s gift helped me to understand and accept that.
I reached out to Kathe and Monster Cat about a week ago to see if she could connect with my dog and she let me know my dog is at peace, can “run forever” and will be patiently waiting for me when I cross. She also mentioned that my dog is comforting a bunny that recently crossed over which melted my heart and validated that that was my dog. Before I received that email and ever since then my family and I see bunnies everywhere, all the time, which brings peace and joy to our lives because we know it’s our dog saying hi and sending her love.

If you have lost a beloved pet, I promise you won’t regret reaching out to Kathe and Monster Cat. If you have lost a beloved anyone, I promise you won’t regret reaching out to Kathe. Her gift is beautiful and she honors it in a lovely, powerful way. I have recommended Kathe to anyone that speaks of an interest in afterlife communication (Even if they didn’t ask lol.) and I can’t wait to book another reading with her soon!

 by Janet
Monster Cat's reading

My son's cat passed a few weeks ago, rather suddenly. He and I were both with her when she passed, and it has been very difficult. I messaged Monster Cat and asked if he could possibly contact her for us. Monster found her right away and gave us messages of love and thanks from Hammy. She also said that she is still with us, and that I could have done nothing more for her that I had done, which I was so worried about . This is a great comfort to both my son and me. I highly recommend Monster Cat to anyone who has lost a beloved pet. Thank you, Monster <3 Janet & Devin Bonney, North Carolina

 by Nessa
Spiritual High

I was referred by a client who shared her experience with Kathe. What i experienced was a spiritual high. My connection with my brother was ❤💙 touching. I will definitely connect again. Day 2 I was still amazed with my personal reading. I look forward to seeing the confirming what has been revealed.

 by Shama Novey
A gifted and genuine Medium

This is the first time I have engaged with a Medium but I felt compelled to do so after I lost my father 6 months ago. I was extremely attached to him and he was the most patient, loving, nurturing person, full of light, peace, and love for his family, especially his children and grandchildren. As soon as Kathe connected with him she started using words like: gentle, patient, and she even said he was surrounded by a beautiful golden light. She also went on to tell me about how he indicated 4 children (there are 3 of us and my mother had had a miscarriage), how he was spiritual, how he had a long illness, and one of the main things that astonished me was that she said he was pointing at his shoes and not just any shoes but really soft ones. His shoes are a big part of our memories of him-he would walk around in his slippers (SOFT SHOES!!) half on all around the house and we would hear them flapping as he walked up and down the stairs and always laugh about it. My brother talked about how as a child he tried to fit into my father's shoes and that someday he hoped that my father could teach him to walk in them. And finally I asked my mother to keep his shoes after he passed because they meant so much more than just shoes. And there was so many more things that Kathe told me that she couldn't have ever known unless she was talking to him directly. It was the most incredible gift I could have gotten to help get me through one of the hardest times in my life. I am so grateful to Kathe and I have no doubt that she is a truly geniune medium that has been given an incredible gift to help people as they navigate grief and loss.

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