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Kathe Martin
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by Laura Mitchell on Kathe Martin
Absolutely stunning!

I’d like to preface my review by stating I’m not one to give false praise or write a review to simply to voice my opinion. But Kathe and her gift are stunning. My phone reading was more like a conversation with a dear friend. Before she even started, she encouraged me to take notes, record our conversation and ask as many questions as I wanted. There was no fishing for information, no weird energy or pretense. Once Kathe dialed in, looked at the pictures I sent, she got down to the business of talking to my mum who passed in 2010.

Kathe connected with mum immediately and was able to pick up on the smallest nuances such as the fact mum was left handed, loved to write and used a particular type of soap. Let me stress, never once did I get the feeling Kathe was embellishing details or telling me things I wanted to hear. She imparted information the same way my mum did—matter of fact and loving. The most beloved details came when she explained mum’s sudden passing. It was as if mama was speaking though Kathe. It literally took my breath away and eased my mind with an assuredness I’ve not felt in 10 years since she passed.

Thanks be to GOD for Kathe’s gentle soul and remarkable insight. She is a gift to those whose lives she touches— in this world and the next. She is a treasure!

by Mel on Kathe Martin

I had my second reading with Kathe and was, again, blown away. Each reading has left me with information both thought-provoking and affirming. Kathe puts you at ease immediately so you are able to receive information. I absolutely recommend her and know that I will be a return client in the future.

by Shannon on Kathe Martin
The healing I needed

I had my first ever meeting with Kathe over the phone-- an ALC/psychic reading. Kathe was extremely honest and transparent beforehand about what to expect. We were able to successfully connect with a loved one who had recently passed and I was able to get the closure I have so badly needed for 2 years. I was absolutely mind-boggled by some of the images my loved one used to communicate. Almost everything made perfect sense, and Kathe was very honest about the fact that some things won't make sense, and that's normal. Since our call, I've talked to family members about my experience and they were able to validate some of the things that weren't immediately obvious to me during the call. It was truly an amazing experience and if you're suffering with loss, needing some healing and closure, I highly recommend booking a session with Kathe. The biggest takeaway I got from my experience is that our loved ones that have passed still exist among us in a way we can't quite comprehend. My loved one ensured me that she loved her life, but she loves her afterlife so much more-- and that brought me a sense of comfort I can't put into words.

by Persis on Kathe Martin
Good intel

I have been to Kathe twice now and both times have been great! My first reading was in person. My second was over the phone. Both were equally helpful. I often re-listen to our conversations and so many things came true or came to light in ways that I did not expect. I definitely plan to do another phone reading. She’s great.

by Julie R on Kathe Martin

I have been Kathe’s client for several years now, and I have had both telephone and in-person readings. Most of my readings have been by phone, and they have been phenomenal. Kathe is incredibly gifted, very accurate, and professional. I highly recommend her services..

by Ingrid Ehrensbeck on Kathe Martin
Zoom Reading

I know that many people may be skeptical about having a reading done over zoom. I would like to tell you that my reading was so very insightful, I was given closer to some questions and information was shared that only my family that crossed over would have been able to provide to me. There were many smiles and tears during my reading and justification as to the path that I am on, the reassurance of choices I've made. If you have any questions of the legitimacy and accuracy of a zoom reading, I am here to tell you that yes, and I will be schedule a meeting with her again very soon.
Thank you Kathe for providing me the validation and comfort I so much needed.
You have a gift that I truly appreciate you sharing with me.
Very Sincerely,
Ingrid Ehrensbeck

by Melanie on Kathe Martin
Phone reading

I recently had a phone reading with Kathe. It was my first personal experience with a medium and it will not be my last with Kathe. She possesses a true gift and it was both a comfort and joy to connect with loved ones on the other side.

by Tiffany Ray on Kathe Martin
Phone Reading

I have had an in person interview and a phone interview. Both readings were amazing. Kathe is so spot on I can’t wait to see what the future holds. Thank you so much for making mr feel comfortable on the phone

by Linda Fain on Kathe Martin
Phone Combo Reading

I was supposed to have a face to face but instead had a phone reading. It was far better than I thought it would be and so accurate. Kathe is genuine and not at all commercialized. It was nice to reconnect to my family and she brought up things only the family would know. I am just amazed at her ability to connect with the other side. Thank you, I do appreciate it very much

by Terri C. on Kathe Martin
Thank you for the phone reading!

I have used Kathe's services for years. In my most recent appointment, I opted for a phone reading verses my usual in-person. I found the information that Kathe shared to be just as accurate. I asked as many questions as I needed, just as with in-person. The ease and convenience of receiving a reading from the comfort of my own home was a great experience. I definitely plan to use this method to receive services again. Kathe is an awesome tarot reader and medium. Her insight and professionalism are second to none. 5 stars all the way!

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