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Kathe Martin
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by Janet on Kathe Martin
Monster Cat's reading

My son's cat passed a few weeks ago, rather suddenly. He and I were both with her when she passed, and it has been very difficult. I messaged Monster Cat and asked if he could possibly contact her for us. Monster found her right away and gave us messages of love and thanks from Hammy. She also said that she is still with us, and that I could have done nothing more for her that I had done, which I was so worried about . This is a great comfort to both my son and me. I highly recommend Monster Cat to anyone who has lost a beloved pet. Thank you, Monster <3 Janet & Devin Bonney, North Carolina

by Nessa on Kathe Martin
Spiritual High

I was referred by a client who shared her experience with Kathe. What i experienced was a spiritual high. My connection with my brother was ❤💙 touching. I will definitely connect again. Day 2 I was still amazed with my personal reading. I look forward to seeing the confirming what has been revealed.

by Shama Novey on Kathe Martin
A gifted and genuine Medium

This is the first time I have engaged with a Medium but I felt compelled to do so after I lost my father 6 months ago. I was extremely attached to him and he was the most patient, loving, nurturing person, full of light, peace, and love for his family, especially his children and grandchildren. As soon as Kathe connected with him she started using words like: gentle, patient, and she even said he was surrounded by a beautiful golden light. She also went on to tell me about how he indicated 4 children (there are 3 of us and my mother had had a miscarriage), how he was spiritual, how he had a long illness, and one of the main things that astonished me was that she said he was pointing at his shoes and not just any shoes but really soft ones. His shoes are a big part of our memories of him-he would walk around in his slippers (SOFT SHOES!!) half on all around the house and we would hear them flapping as he walked up and down the stairs and always laugh about it. My brother talked about how as a child he tried to fit into my father's shoes and that someday he hoped that my father could teach him to walk in them. And finally I asked my mother to keep his shoes after he passed because they meant so much more than just shoes. And there was so many more things that Kathe told me that she couldn't have ever known unless she was talking to him directly. It was the most incredible gift I could have gotten to help get me through one of the hardest times in my life. I am so grateful to Kathe and I have no doubt that she is a truly geniune medium that has been given an incredible gift to help people as they navigate grief and loss.

by Jeffrey on Kathe Martin
The Real Deal

My entire life I've always been fascinated with the idea of mediumship. I think for me, it started at a very young age as I often felt things deeper around me that I couldn't ever quite explain.

I had always wanted to see a Medium, but it's very challenging to know where to even begin. Finally one day back in January of 2019, I decided to find someone. After TONS of research, I found Kathe's website. Then, after researching Kathe's experience, I felt ready to schedule my first reading, which was on March 9th, 2019. (Considering she was booked out until March.. and I scheduled in January, this also gave me a boost of confidence).

My first reading was a combined ALC and Tarot reading, and it was utterly mind-blowing. She connected with my maternal grandmother, and I knew right away. My mom was very sick and in the hospital during my first reading, which was on March 9th. She ultimately passed 9 days later, on March 18th.

I went back for my next ALC reading with Kathe on June 22nd of 2019. I was of course hoping for my mom to come through, and boy did she ever. I brought both a picture of my mother, as well as a ring that she had just received for her and my dad's 35th (and last) anniversary. Kathe started by studying my mom's photo, and then asked to hold the ring. As she was holding the ring, I remember Kathe asking me if I had a habit of loosing things. I laughed and said yes, and Kathy, holding the ring, said that Mom was telling her that "you better NOT lose this ring!" while holding it in her hand while kind of waving her finger at me. While it may not sound like much to folks who don't know mom and our relationship, I very well knew it was Mom!

I didn't tell Kathe just how Mom had passed, or what all she had experienced before crossing over. At one point, Kathe said that she didn't know what this meant but that Mom was showing her something about some type of tube or tubing of some sort, and asked if I knew what that meant. (Chills went down my spine when she said that). I knew what it meant, to which Kathe replied, "her words, not mine: 'the tube is fucking pointless.'" I kind of chuckled with a tear, because yep, those were most certainly mom's words.

Another thing that was equally as validating yet, so powerful, was that mom told Kathe that doctors, nurses and the entire medical system and hospital staff need to learn how to treat and respect the dying better than they currently do. That they need more training on how to be empathetic, how to handle dying patients, and not just kick them out of the hospital. This was a conversation that Mom and I had before she passed. Nobody knew or could have known of this conversation, aside from us.

During the same reading, my grandmother (mom's mom) came through. Kathe asked if she was a gambler, which I was confused by at first, but when she told me she was seeing something to the effect of throwing dice at a craps table... I knew it was Nan playing Yahtzee. She was a lifelong lover of the game!

I received a Tarot reading in April of 2020. I only just listened to the recording a few days ago. Without going into too much detail, since I have already written an entire book, here, everything she said in her Tarot reading in April ultimately took place last year, but even more precisely in the months she predicted, along with what she was seeing regarding my personal relationships.

She's the real deal. I can't wait to see her again!

by JE on Kathe Martin
Warm and gifted medium

It is hard to find a credible medium. Kathe is the real deal. She is plain-spoken and fully immersed in her well-honed gift.
The one thing I wish I had made sure of before the reading was to make sure the application I downloaded to tape the conversation was functioning. It worked before the call about a month ago, but did not wotk duting it. It by no means ruined the experience, just a heads up to anyone considering doing this.

Kathe connected in less than 2 minutes (if that) with my nephew, who died 5 years ago this coming December. She experienced a metallic taste i her mouth, which Justjn experienced as he was dying as he had severe pulmonary edema, and that is a symptom of it.. I gave no advance story of Justin’s life. His first comment that came through was unmistakable. Justin was an organ donor. He was loved by all who knew him in his community and beyond. He was a firefighter who loved his family immensely. Kathe channeled key places(WNYS), items (wallpaper, an ornament he and his then barely 2yo daughter had hung on a tree earlier that night) and explained what his death experience was per Justin’s experience. He provided very specific information to me that only he and I knew about. He made me laugh through Kathe and it was tremendously heartwarming. She described a long snowy path leading to a house. Justin had cleared the land below his house that I would build a cabin on so I could stay with them more often. I had told Kathe I thought is was the way to his mom’s house, just up the road. I could go on and on.

All of this to say I only wish he could have stayed with us longer. I imagine that happens a lot in Kathe s sessions. But she provided an explanation that really resonated I really smiled when Justin told us all the dogs are with him — that’s aLOT of dogs. If you knew me at all you would know that telling me that gave me the greatest of comforts. (I have shared my life with so many wonderful creatures, many dogs, goats, cats, birds)

I will work with Kathe again.

I shared some of the information with Justin’s widow. She was so deeply relieved. And so am I, though I still would trade places with him in a heartbeat. Justin doesn’t want me to do that — of course. He is the most selfless human being I have or will ever know.

Thank you. I don’t know if this is helpful to the reader or not. I can only speak for myself. I feel a calmness today and slept better last night than I have in quite a long time.

by Laura Mitchell on Kathe Martin
Absolutely stunning!

I’d like to preface my review by stating I’m not one to give false praise or write a review to simply to voice my opinion. But Kathe and her gift are stunning. My phone reading was more like a conversation with a dear friend. Before she even started, she encouraged me to take notes, record our conversation and ask as many questions as I wanted. There was no fishing for information, no weird energy or pretense. Once Kathe dialed in, looked at the pictures I sent, she got down to the business of talking to my mum who passed in 2010.

Kathe connected with mum immediately and was able to pick up on the smallest nuances such as the fact mum was left handed, loved to write and used a particular type of soap. Let me stress, never once did I get the feeling Kathe was embellishing details or telling me things I wanted to hear. She imparted information the same way my mum did—matter of fact and loving. The most beloved details came when she explained mum’s sudden passing. It was as if mama was speaking though Kathe. It literally took my breath away and eased my mind with an assuredness I’ve not felt in 10 years since she passed.

Thanks be to GOD for Kathe’s gentle soul and remarkable insight. She is a gift to those whose lives she touches— in this world and the next. She is a treasure!

by Mel on Kathe Martin

I had my second reading with Kathe and was, again, blown away. Each reading has left me with information both thought-provoking and affirming. Kathe puts you at ease immediately so you are able to receive information. I absolutely recommend her and know that I will be a return client in the future.

by Shannon on Kathe Martin
The healing I needed

I had my first ever meeting with Kathe over the phone-- an ALC/psychic reading. Kathe was extremely honest and transparent beforehand about what to expect. We were able to successfully connect with a loved one who had recently passed and I was able to get the closure I have so badly needed for 2 years. I was absolutely mind-boggled by some of the images my loved one used to communicate. Almost everything made perfect sense, and Kathe was very honest about the fact that some things won't make sense, and that's normal. Since our call, I've talked to family members about my experience and they were able to validate some of the things that weren't immediately obvious to me during the call. It was truly an amazing experience and if you're suffering with loss, needing some healing and closure, I highly recommend booking a session with Kathe. The biggest takeaway I got from my experience is that our loved ones that have passed still exist among us in a way we can't quite comprehend. My loved one ensured me that she loved her life, but she loves her afterlife so much more-- and that brought me a sense of comfort I can't put into words.

by Persis on Kathe Martin
Good intel

I have been to Kathe twice now and both times have been great! My first reading was in person. My second was over the phone. Both were equally helpful. I often re-listen to our conversations and so many things came true or came to light in ways that I did not expect. I definitely plan to do another phone reading. She’s great.

by Julie R on Kathe Martin

I have been Kathe’s client for several years now, and I have had both telephone and in-person readings. Most of my readings have been by phone, and they have been phenomenal. Kathe is incredibly gifted, very accurate, and professional. I highly recommend her services..

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