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Kathe Martin
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by Doreen Rihn on Kathe Martin
Insightful and healing

I had my first reading with Kathe and it was a wonderful experience. I received messages from loved ones that gave me confirmation that our departed can and do still visit us. I was very comfortable speaking with Kathe, and believe that she is genuine and caring. I’m very thankful to have found someone with her ability and plan to have another session as soon as possible. Knowing that we never really lose our connections with our departed is comforting and assuring. Kathe has a true gift, and I am grateful to have received the information she brought forward.

by Chrisy Joyce on Kathe Martin
Connecting with my daughter through Kathe

Kathe is a very gifted medium who has provided me a true connection with my daughter, Lindsey, that passed away at age 15. Being in a deep state of grief, I had heard very positive things about about Kathe and went to see her, hoping to receive confirmation that my sweet daughter was well, was at peace, and was as close to me as I felt she had to still be. I could not have been more satisfied with my experience. Kathe absolutely, beyond a shadow of doubt, connected with my daughter, and was able to share Lindsey's very detailed words to me about some very specific things I was hurting over, that no one could have known about but my dear daughter. Lindsey was able to speak through Kathe to me in a way that helped ease some of the incredible pain I was going through. Kathe uses her gift to connect with those that have transitioned, to help ease the pain of those of us that 'feel left behind'. She reminds us, through her connections, that we are not actually left behind. That our loved ones are right here among us. I am thankful beyond words, for the comfort that Kathe has been able to bring to me through connecting with my daughter.

by Robin on Kathe Martin
Wonderful Readings

I have been seeing Kathe for readings for several years. I generally see her once or twice a year. I always record our sessions, and then type them out on my computer at home so I have a record of what we've discussed. I have found her amazingly accurate. She described my father, who passed in 1984, to a "T." Sometimes she tells me things that I think will never happen, but somehow, they always do happen! My son's girlfriend saw Kathe about 6 months ago and was also very impressed with Kathe's accuracy.

There is nothing scary or hocus pocus about Kathe. She is just a nice, easy to talk to lady who has a wonderful gift. I would encourage anyone who thinks they might benefit from speaking with someone who can help them with a problem or just insight into their lives, or who wants to contact their friends/relatives who have passed, to definitely give Kathe a try.

by Audrey on Kathe Martin
Kathe is the real deal!

I recently sat down with her for a reading, and I found her to be genuine and the reading to be spot on. Like they say on the tv shows, she commented on things she could not have known and accurately described concerns and issues in my life today. I approached the reading with an open mind, and I was receptive to hearing whatever Kathe might offer. I don't know if that made a difference, but I came away from the reading feeling peaceful and calm. It was a very positive experience, and I would not hesitate to recommend Kathe to anyone interested in afterlife communications or a psychic reading. I look forward to seeing Kathe again!