The Rhine Research Center

For five years Kathe was a Professional Member of the Rhine Research Center located in Durham, NC. The Rhine was founded at Duke University over 70 years ago for the purpose of investigating and researching psi or psychic information. She has been an invited guest speaker on several occasions.


Founded by Eben Alexander and John Audette, this organization offers extensive information, resources, and support regarding a vast array of topics regarding the survival of consciousness.

Windbridge Research Center

This institute was founded by Dr. Julie Beischel after the VERITAS program at the University of Arizona closed in 2007. Under the direction of Dr. Gary Schwartz and Dr. Beischel the VERITAS Research Program sponsored by the Laboratory for Advanced Consciousness and Health in the Department of Psychology at the University of Arizona extensively evaluated such well known psychic mediums as John Edwards, George Anderson, Allison DeBois, and many others. Dr. Beischel co-founded Windbridge to continue performing this important research. She is one of the premier investigators in the field of mediumship research and leads the Windbridge team as they continue pursuing answers in the field of afterlife science.

Stillpoint Acupuncture

Heather McIver, owner of Stillpoint Acupuncture, says, “I have attended several of Kathe’s channelling events and have also had her do Tarot readings for me. In retrospect, her readings have been quite accurate. And while I usually approach such things with a grain of salt, I have been amazed by the details in personal description, emotion and circumstance that she presents during her channelling sessions. In fact, during the most recent channeling, she described such incredible detail about the circumstances of my friend’s death–details that very few people knew–that I would have been at a loss to explain the information as anything other than some kind of communication. At the same time, her readings are very reassuring. She brings to her work a level of sensitivity and compassion that leaves you feeling both comforted and poweful at the same time.” Kathe highly recommends Stillpoint Acupuncture.

Kneaded Energy

Shelly Johnson, co-founder of the Kneaded Energy, says of Kathe’s reading …”I enjoyed Kathe’s reading. Her cards hold a history that is palpable. She reads with a style that is humorous and grounded, as she weeds through the energy to get to the meat of the reading. I was very pleased with her style of reading and with the information her reading provided me. I plan to touch base with her from time to time to get an update! For the best massage therapists in the Greensboro, North Carolina area contact Kneaded Energy. You won’t be disappointed!

Golden Threads Fabric Art

Cay Bowman is the founder, artist, and designer of Golden Threads Fabric Art. Here is where you will find the original Chakra Healing Quilt Set© and Chakra Healing Sheet©, both copyrighted designs using color, symbols, and sacred geometry to enhance energetic healing. Visit her website to view examples of her colorful, stunning, and spiritually based work!

Liberty United

Liberty United takes confiscated illegal guns and turns them into jewelry. As a survivor of domestic gun violence, a proponent of peace, and a lover of jewelry this company caught my immediate attention! If you think gun control is out of control in this country then please visit their website and consider making a purchase to support their mission of reducing gun violence and getting illegal guns out of circulation.