Afterlife Communications Reading


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If you would like for Kathe to connect with someone who has passed, then you would request an ALC reading. During an ALC reading, you may or may not hear from the person with whom you hope to communicate, although Kathe’s success rate is very high. You do need to be aware, however, that Kathe can only receive communication that the discarnate, or deceased person, is willing or able to send at that time. It is very possible that you will hear from other disincarnates as well, including some that may surprise you and perhaps some you may not want to hear from! Keep in mind that if they are coming through via Kathe, it is because they have something important that they want to communicate to you. You may also receive messages from animals such as deceased pets. As with psychic readings, Kathe uses psychometry as a means of connecting, so if you have an article that had strong emotional significance to the deceased or a picture of the deceased, Kathe recommends that you bring it with you to your appointment. (In the case of phone readings, a picture of the deceased can be emailed to Kathe.) An article that had strong emotional significance, like a wedding ring, bible, etc., is most helpful because emotion imprints energy. Discarnates will maintain an energetic connection to physical articles with which they had a strong emotional connection. This emotional, energetic connection helps Kathe connect with the discarnate. When receiving an ALC reading, it helps to think symbolically and phonetically. The language of spirit is symbol and much of the information Kathe receives is symbolic or phonetic (sounds like) in nature. Kathe will do her best to interpret the symbols and sounds that she receives for you. She often finds herself using words or phrases that she would not normally use, and she often finds herself making hand or body gestures not common to her. When this happens, it usually turns out that these were speaking patterns or physical gestures commonly used by the discarnate. This is one way of giving validation that Kathe is in actual communication with the discarnate. Kathe suggests for several days before coming for the reading that you ask the discarnate to make him or herself known at the time of the reading. You may do this by speaking out loud or just thinking it, whichever way is more comfortable for you. While not a guarantee, those who do this experience a much higher success rate in receiving the connection they desire. NOTE: Those requesting an ALC reading need to be aware that the discarnate they are hoping to contact should be deceased at least 6 months before requesting a reading.