My mom was hit by a car and killed the day my littermates and I were born. The people she lived with didn’t know how to take care of us so they gave us to the people at a veterinary clinic. They cared for us until we were about four weeks old. Kathe was a neighbor to a lady who worked at the clinic. Kathe had told her once, “If you ever have a black boy kitten that needs a home, let me know.” So one day the lady told Kathe about me and asked if she might want me. Kathe said, “Yes!” The lady brought me to Kathe on a Saturday morning. I was scared because I didn’t know where I was going and I was still really little, I only weighed about one pound. It was a humid July day and the first thing I did was curl up on Kathe’s shoulder and nuzzle myself on her neck where I took a nap. Even though it was hot she let me stay there until I felt safe enough to come down. I knew then she would be my new Mom.

Monster Cat

Mom knew I was special right away. She named me Nahuali (pronounced Na-WHO-lee). A Nahual is an animal spirit guide and in some cultures a shape shifter. I had a lot of energy when I was little. I would run as fast as I could – which was really, really, fast! – from one side of the room to the other and jump up on the wall then climb it. My claws left little holes in the walls and Mom would yell at me but it was so much fun I still did it when I could, like when she was in another room or not at home. I used to love to surprise people by jumping on their shoulders, and sometimes even their heads. It was the most fun to do that from behind when they had no idea I was even there. Wow! They would sure yell about that! Mom started warning people that I could fly. I kept Mom pretty busy when I was young. Once I caught a mouse in the kitchen. I had to think for a minute what to do with it. Then I remembered there was a humungous white bowl in the bathroom where Mom took a shower every morning. I ran with the mouse still in my mouth and jumped into the white bowl. There I let it go and chased it around for a while until Mom took the mouse away. She wasn’t real happy about me doing that but it sure was exciting! Afterwards, I took my toys and put them in the bowl and chased them like they were the mouse. I used to love to sit on the kitchen counter when Mom was fixing food. Later she said, “I spent eleven years cooking around a cat sitting on the counter next to the stove.” She started calling me her “little Monster”. So that’s how I came to be called, The Amazing Flying Nahuali Monster Cat.

As far back as I can remember people came to our house to sit at our dining room table and listen real close while Mom looked at special cards she’d spread out on the table. Sometimes when people came other invisible people and animals would come with them. When that happened Mom would talk to the invisible people and animals and tell the people at the table what they said. Mom told me once, “Monster Cat, I know you can see them, too.” After that, whenever the invisible people and animals would come I’d put my front paws up on Mom’s thigh to let her know they were there, just in case she didn’t, because – y’know, humans aren’t always that smart. Mom almost always knew but I wanted to help her just the same and I did for several years. We were a good team.

One day when I was about nine years old my head felt real funny and I got sick. Mom took me to the doctor and then to another special doctor and I heard the doctor say a word I’d never heard before. Seizure. Mom started giving me medicine every day. She tried to hide it in what she called my “special treat” but I knew it was really medicine. It made my head feel better so I didn’t mind. After a couple years the medicine gave me a tummy ache that wouldn’t go away and I had a hard time eating. It was even hard to eat my favorite food, salmon. I started to lose weight and Mom tried everything she could but I was just too sick to eat. I couldn’t even lick the tuna juice she drained out of a can and tried to drip into my mouth.

Elliot and Monster

Mom took me back to the doctor. I was scared because Mom was crying and I know she still feels bad about that. Mom held me while the doctor gave me a shot with a special needle that made me real sleepy. My legs started to feel real light and tingly and my tummy stopped hurting. After a minute I realized I wasn’t lying on the table anymore, instead I was kinda floating above it! I looked down and saw Mom still holding me. I couldn’t feel my body anymore at all but I could still see it on that table. I tried to tell her, “Hey, Mom! Look up! It’s me. I’m still here!” But she was so upset, like a lot of the people that came and sat at our dining room table, that she couldn’t hear me.

After awhile Mom told the doctor, who’d been crying some too, to take my body away. It was going to be cremated but I didn’t mind because I didn’t need it anymore. Besides, now I was having a good time with an old friend named Elliott. Elliott was an orange tabby cat that lived with us. We were good friends and we even slept together sometimes with our front legs wrapped around each other. He’d gotten sick a few years before and had to get the special needle from a doctor, too. Elliott and I were having a good time playing together again.

A few days later Mom picked up my ashes. She asked the doctor to put them in a special vase that looks like a black cat. She brought them home and put them on the kitchen counter, right where I used to sit when she was cooking.

Mom sends out a newsletter over email and one day she thought it would be a cute idea to put my picture in the newsletter and tell people to send me questions. At first she didn’t expect me to help her, she thought she’d have to do all the work herself, like when people would come and sit at our dining room table and Mom would look at the cards. But I thought – wait! There’s no reason I can’t help Mom. So now when people send questions about their animals Mom checks in with me and if I can I connect with their animals, then I tell Mom what to say. Cool, huh? See Mom was right; she knew I was special from the very beginning.

So if you have an animal on this side that you want to connect with send me his or her name and I’ll see what I can do. If I find them – y’know, it’s a BIG place over here so I can’t always find them, but if I do I’ll tell Mom and she will let you know.

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