Over the years it has been my privilege to connect with hundreds of family, friends, and animals in spirit. Each connection is special and unique and I am very aware of how hard those in spirit work to get their messages through to us, and how meaningful those messages can be to those of us here who receive them.

My method of channeling is to engage in communication clairvoyantly with the spirit, much the same way I would engage in a conversation if I were sitting in a room and talking with another embodied person. Only the language is different. The language of spirit is symbol. So sometimes a spirit will show me, in my mind’s eye, an image that I am then tasked with interpreting. For instance, a grandmother once showed me a woman’s long braided hair. The grandmother didn’t have braided hair but the person receiving reading said, “My son’s name is Brady and we call him Brade!” So grandma was acknowledging her grandson by showing me a braid. Another grandmother, who in life had been very refined and demure, surprised me with an image of herself sneaking a quick nip of Jack Daniels. This habit was indeed verified with a laugh by my client.

I also connect empathically, sometimes feeling the pain of a chronic illness or the pain of an illness or injury that crossed the spirit over to the other side. I may get a pain in my right side for someone who had liver cancer, or I might get a headache or feel dizzy for someone who had a brain tumor. These pains are fleeting and pass pretty quickly, especially once the client validates them.

Here are just a few stories from over the years told here with permission. Some of the names have been changed to protect privacy.

A Tale of Two Sisters

For the sake of simplicity I’m going to call sister A, Ann and sister B, Beth. Ann called to make an appointment for Beth. Ann requested that I channel their deceased father for Beth. I can never guarantee who will come through but luckily Dad did come through right away. Beth was able to verify with several images he gave me that it was, in fact, her father who was communicating with me, however one thing did puzzle her. The first and very strong images I received were of candy and other sweets. She said her Dad liked sweets but not so much that she would expect him to use that as a strong identifier. In spite of that confusing image Beth left feeling pleased with her reading. Several months passed and then Ann called to make an appointment for herself. When she arrived she had this to say. “When I made the appointment for Beth I asked Dad to come through with images of candy and sweets. If he does then I’ll know it’s really him. I didn’t tell Beth about this so that’s why she didn’t understand why Dad gave you the images of candy and sweets.” What Ann set up, unbeknownst to her, was a double blind test, where neither I, the reader, nor Beth, the client, knew of the test parameters. Thanks Ann!

Stella and the Cement Frog

Stella, the cement frog

Because I work so much with psychometry I’ve had many unusual items brought for readings. I’ve had everything from bibles, to golf clubs, to haunted china dolls, to motorcycle helmets, to dirty socks (yup, for real), and even a dog’s old, slobbery chew toy. The last two are not preferable but they did work. So when two women arrived one evening carrying a twenty-five pound cement frog it wasn’t that unusual but it did draw my attention. They put the frog on the table in front of me along with a few other items as I requested. The other items were smaller and easier to hold so I started with them but all the while I felt compelled not only to pick up the frog but also to hug it. It was as if it was calling to me. (Note: It’s not all that easy to hug a twenty-five pound piece of cement.) Toward the end of the reading I picked up the frog and as I hugged it I felt the most endearing sense of peace and happiness. I didn’t want to let go and put it down and, in fact, I drew out the reading much longer than I normally would have just so I could keep holding it. When the reading was over my client told me this story. Stella, her friend, had passed away from cancer and Stella had loved frogs. Stella’s daughter is an artist and after her mother died the daughter got a frog mold and some cement mix. She mixed some of her mother’s ashes into the cement mix and poured it all into the frog mold. When it set she painted it. Stella had been a very warm, loving person and she was a big hugger. I was told other people also had the same reaction upon seeing the frog that I had. They just want to pick it up and hug it. It seems Stella is still giving out hugs from the other side but now through the frog. For anyone who has ashes from a beloved pet this might be a good indication of what to do with them.

Crème de Menthe or Apple Martini? Only the Spirits Know!

Another set of sisters came for a reading, this time together. They too wanted to connect with their deceased father and we were successful. Toward the end of the reading their father showed me a martini glass filled with a bright, green clear liquid. He asked his daughters to put out a glass of it for him at family celebrations and holidays. It looked like an apple martini to me but he had passed over a few decades prior and before this was a popular drink. I told the sisters what I saw and asked if he could want an apple martini? “No, I don’t think so,” one sister said. Then the other asked, “Could it be Crème de Menthe? That was his drink.” I, not being a drinker, didn’t know what Crème de Menthe looked like and only knew of an apple martini from friends. But sure enough, Dad was asking for a glass of Crème de Menthe on the other side.

Harriett the Snake

This is one of my all time favorite animal stories. It happened during a group reading with about twenty-five or so audience members. The room was set up with folding chairs with about eight or so chairs in each row. In the first row someone had removed one of the chairs so there was an empty space between two chairs. A woman was seated next to the empty space and I was doing a reading for her. In the midst of her reading I was suddenly aware of the spirit of a snake curled up on the floor next to her chair. I stopped midsentence and asked her, “Did you, by any chance, ever own a snake?” I expected to hear an emphatic No! but instead she asked me, “What does it look like?” I answered, “It’s sort of grayish and orange.” At that point, the snake looked up at me and smiled. And then it spoke. The snake said to me, “I had a sense of humor.” Okay, I thought to myself, I must have finally crossed the line from psychic to psychotic. The woman told this story. “When I lived in Florida I was a teacher and held periodic teachers’ meetings in my living room. We had two snakes that were in glass boxes in the bedroom. Harriett, our female corn snake, was rather social and liked to sneak out of her box and slither into the living room to lie against the wall under the sofa during the meetings. The other teachers never knew she was there.” I can’t top that.

Busted from the Beyond

I was doing a reading for a couple that’d been married for about a year. I’ll call them Julie and Don. I was channeling the husband’s deceased father, Tom. Toward the end of the session Tom told me to ask about Don’s wedding ring. I said, “You don’t wear your wedding ring?” Don quickly lifted his hand to show me he had a ring on and answered, “Yes, I do.” Tom told me to probe a little deeper so I asked, “You’re wearing your ring?” Don acknowledged again that he was wearing a ring by shaking his head yes. Tom then laughed and told me to give them a message. I said, “I’m not sure if this makes sense but Tom says to tell you “it’s a good thing we kept the ring.’” That ended the session and the couple left. A few days later Julie contacted me with this story. As soon as they left Don told Julie he had a confession to make. About a week prior Don was at his mom’s house doing some yard work and lost his wedding ring. He looked everywhere for it but couldn’t find it. Don was afraid Julie would be upset with him so his mom gave him Tom’s wedding ring to wear until he could replace his own. Julie wasn’t at all upset but did get a big kick out of Tom being able to bust his son from the other side!

Aunt Patty

Aunt Patty

As mentioned above, my usual method of channeling is to communicate telepathically and empathically with those on the other side. Years before I’d been present when another medium allowed a spirit to enter and take control of her body. This is commonly referred to as physical mediumship and it made me a little uncomfortable when I observed it so I resolved not to engage in it. Then one night at an audience channeling event in 2007 all that changed. I began sensing the presence of a discarnate that had Down syndrome when she was alive. An audience member quickly identified the spirit as her Aunt Patty. Patty was the purest, most wonderful energy I had ever sensed. After a few moments of clairvoyant conversation with her she asked to enter my body and use me as her human vessel. Because of her pure, almost angelic energy I allowed it and I did it with absolutely no fear. My memory of most channelings diminishes quickly when they end and much of the detail of this one has dimmed as well. However, I vaguely remember saying, “I don’t normally allow energies to enter but this time I am going to.” And I do remember initially feeling a tingling sensation in my left hand (we take energy in on the left and send it out on the right) but most of all I remember the incredible sense of love and peace that came with her. It was the spirit of a person who had no malice in her heart whatsoever. I was told Aunt Patty had the mind of a five year old but I can tell you she has the heart and soul of an angel. I remember feeling fully conscious and in control but at the same time I would not have been able to act or react as myself. It was a little like being a passenger in your own car. You know how to operate it but at the moment you can’t. The channeling was intensely emotional for both Patty’s niece and me. Patty asked to hug her niece and when “we” (that’s Patty and me) hugged her niece she said it was her Aunt Patty’s hug.