Kathe firmly believes that channeling, or a mediumship reading, is not a substitute for grief. Grieving is a normal and necessary human emotion and the process itself and the length of time it takes are unique to each individual. Some people can work through grief in a matter of days or weeks while others can take months or even years. Receiving a channeling is not a substitute for working out the issues involved in human relationships. In fact, your chances of experiencing a satisfying channeling are compromised if you have not yet gone through a healthy grieving process.

Current research in survival of consciousness, or afterlife communications, does indicate receiving a mediumship reading can facilitate grieving and bring a measure of comfort and even closure to those grieving. However, this is different than relying on a mediumship reading to solely facilitate the grieving process.

Kathe has, on occasion, declined to do channelings when the person requesting the channeling is not yet emotionally prepared. And those on the other side are also aware of your emotional state and whether or not you are ready to hear from them.

Occasionally, Kathe encounters a client who believes the eventual death of someone with whom they had a difficult or unresolved relationship will release them from the pain associated with that relationship. Kathe strongly encourages clients to deal with these relationships and the accompanying emotions while the other person is still incarnate. Time and again she has seen clients refuse to do so and then just hours after death occurs she observes the client still experiencing the unresolved pain from that relationship and regretting having lost the opportunity to resolve it.

Kathe is often asked if there is a certain amount of time that has to pass before someone who has crossed over is able to communicate. The answer is no and in her experience it seems that in the first 24-72 hours after a crossing the deceased is in a sort of transitional stage where communication is more easily facilitated. The block to hearing communication at this time is usually here on earth where the grieving family and friends are in a highly emotional state and cannot hear the communication.

Kathe’s former mother-in-law, of whom she was very fond, crossed from a long illness at about 6:30 a.m. At 7:00 a.m. Kathe was in the shower when her mother-in-law contacted her to say she had passed and was fine. It was not until 8:00 a.m. that Kathe received a phone call from her son telling her that grandma had passed!

If you believe you are in need of grief counseling please contact Kathe for a referral to a licensed therapist or your local hospice association.