Are Phone Readings as Good as In-person Readings?
In my experience, yes. I often marvel that people are more willing to accept that I can communicate with non-physical beings than they are to believe I can do a reading over the phone. A reading is an energy exchange and energy is non-local and it travels very, very fast. As far as the quality of a reading goes, it doesn’t matter if you are sitting in front of me or on your couch three thousand miles away. What does matter is how open and receptive you are to the energy of the reading and how well of a match your energy is to mine. So, my advice is to be open to receiving any and all the information that comes through in your reading and to have as few expectations as possible. If you can do so, you are likely to get the information you need even if you don’t get it in the manner you may have expected.
Can I Have Someone With Me When I Have My Reading Appointment?

Yes, you can, however there are some things you need to consider.

Very personal information can come up in a reading. As long as you are all right with your friend hearing this information feel free to bring your friend.

Discarnate communication can occur during any reading but it is the purpose of an AfterLife Communications (ALC) reading. Spirit doesn’t care who is paying for the appointment. If someone on the other side is able to connect with me and wants to come through they will, regardless of who paid for the appointment. I have had instances where the friend present for the reading ends up getting more of a reading than the intended client. It doesn’t happen all the time but it can and you need to be aware it is a possibility. If you are okay with this, then feel free to include your friend. You need to understand the more people you have attend the more you risk their discarnates coming through.

I strongly advice against including anyone who cannot take the experience seriously or is extremely cynical. Skeptics are welcome as long as they can maintain an open mind. When I was doing group public events I became painfully aware how one negative person in the room could affect the readings for the rest of those there. All those attending need to be at least 16 years of age.

Including someone else can also have its advantages. Your friend can take notes for you. Your friend may be able to shed some light on something that comes up in the reading that doesn’t make sense to you in the moment. I have had friends be able to identify a discarnate coming through for a client who couldn’t make the connection.

Tips - How to Get The Most Out of Your Psychic Reading

Tip #1 Verify, Don’t Supply! –The biggest mistake that can be made when receiving a reading from a legitimate psychic is giving the psychic too much information. In fact, the more information the psychic has upfront, the more difficult it is for the psychic to receive clear intuitive information. One reason for this is that the more factual or left-brain information the psychic is given, the harder it is to differentiate and discern between information that is received intuitively and known information or information that is inferred from what is already known. Secondly the more information the psychic has upfront, the more emotionally connected the psychic is to the person receiving the reading. That causes the reading to be more likely influenced by the psychic’s personal feelings. This is the reason that psychics find it difficult to read for family and friends. When asked by the psychic for information, you should provide it, especially before or at the beginning of the reading, because this often helps the psychic focus and connect with you. However, don’t volunteer any more information beyond what you are asked. For instance, if you are asked, “Was your uncle’s name Edward?” You can answer “yes” or “no.” However, don’t go on to say, “No his name was Charles, his wife was Shirley, they had four kids, he lived in Oklahoma, and he died from a heart attack on a Thursday, etc.” Let the psychic give you this information to you, and it will have far more meaning by way of validation.
Tip #2 Ask for what you want — If your goal is to have the psychic connect with someone who has passed, ask that discarnate to be present and communicate during the reading. You can either speak this out loud or say it in your head like a prayer – whichever way works best for you. Kathe finds that those who prepare in this way have a far greater chance of getting the desired connection.
Tip #3 Write down your questions and take notes — It’s easy to get side-tracked or forget what you really want to know during a reading, so write down your questions beforehand. Also, take notes during your reading. You’ll be happy you did when you want to refer back to them later. Information is often validated long after a reading is completed, so your notes could prove to be very valuable to you later on. Kathe encourages you to record your session.
Tip #4 Expectations — Try not to have expectations. The more you place expectations on your reading, the more likely you are to be disappointed. You may not get the information you want in the way you want or the way you expect it. It may come to you in a different manner, so it is important to keep an open mind and heart so that you can truly hear the information that is being relayed to you.
Tip #5 Relax! — Relax and enjoy your reading. Ask questions if you have them, and ask for clarification if you need it. This should be a fun, exciting, enlightening, possibly even healing experience for you!

Can I have a FaceTime reading instead of a phone reading?

Yes, you can however there are some things you need to know. When doing video readings and the picture freezes, the audio drops, or the connection drops it can interfere with the energy flow of the reading. Time has to be taken out to reconnect and there is no guarantee I will be able to reconnect on the spirit level with the same energy or information, or at all. It’s not like making a phone call and when the call drops you can just call the other person back and pick the conversation up where you left off. Remember, a reading is an energy exchange and energy moves very quickly. It’s a little like trying to grab onto lightening. I will do FaceTime readings but, at this time, I will not do Skype, Zoom, or other video connections due to connectivity issues I have encountered.

At this time I have found FaceTime to be the most reliable and experience the fewest technological interruptions.

Prior to your reading I willI forward you a video disclaimer. You will acknowledge the disclaimer via email. This is so you have been fully informed prior to the reading appointment and there can be no misunderstandings after the fact. I book back-to-back appointments so no matter how many technology interruptions or the loss of information due to them occur, I will not be able to extend your reading time beyond the time originally allotted.

Why Is It Necessary to Wait Six Months After Losing Someone to Get an AfterLife Communications Reading?
The reason has nothing to do with the deceased and everything to do with the living. Grieving is a normal, necessary, and healthy emotional process after losing someone (or an animal) that you loved.

You need to be able to give your full attention to the information, much of which may be symbolic, that comes through in the reading. If you cannot even bear to hear your loved one’s name without dissolving into tearful sobs you are likely not going to be able to concentrate on the often brief bits of information that come through to me and then I relay to you. And, much relies on my interpretation. For instance, suppose grandma was famous for her apple pies. Grandma might send me an image of an apple. I may receive this information in the form of a visual image or an auditory sound or even a smell. But maybe instead of smelling an apple pie I smell an apple orchard in the spring when the blossoms are blooming. I may say, “I sense an apple orchard.” If you are so distraught and expecting an apple pie you may not make the apple connection to grandma. You need to be able to clearly focus.

To be fair, those who research afterlife communications scientifically have found some evidence to support the theory that it is easier to receive communications from the other side within the first three days after the person crosses. I tend to agree with this. It does seem to be easier within the first three days, especially for those with no particular mediumship abilities, to perceive afterlife communications during that time. However, as I stated above, if you are so distraught over the passing of your loved one, it won’t do any good to get a reading if you cannot focus on the information that comes through.

The six-month time frame is not a magic number, only a suggestion. Grieving is a personal and individual process. Some people resolve grief in a matter of a week or two, others may take years. I am willing to be flexible, however, I strongly advise considering what I have stated above.

Where are you located?

I am located in north east Greensboro, North Carolina. I regularly do phone readings all over the country with just as much accuracy as an in person reading.

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