Kathe fishing at Valley Ridge Farm, circa 1956.

Kathe fishing at Valley Ridge Farm, circa 1956.

Kathe developed an interest in the occult due to a number of unusual experiences she had as a child. She often knew what someone was going to say before they said it, especially if they were going to mention a number. When the phone rang she often knew who was calling, and she was able to sense what others were thinking and feeling, especially when it didn’t correspond with what they were saying. And, there were a number of “imaginary” friends.

As a budding artist in her teens, she was drawn to portraiture due to her fascination with looking beyond the physical and searching deep into someone’s eyes to discover their true feelings. As a young adult her artist’s eye led her to explore Tarot cards. She was drawn to the designs and colors on the cards in the various decks. She tried to teach herself to read the cards but did not have a great deal of success.

Eventually marriage, motherhood, and later, single parenthood, along with a demanding career in the financial industry dominated her attention. It would not be until she was in her late thirties that the cards would call her again. In 1988 a musician friend, who shared her interest in the occult and Tarot cards, showed her a picture of a former girlfriend who had broken his heart. Kathe studied the girl’s picture for a moment then said, “Huh. It’s as if she has a white film over her face.” Her friend eyed her curiously then replied in a stunned tone, “Very good, she was a mime.”

Later that same year, Kathe’s teenage daughter brought Kathe a boy’s ring and asked her to hold it. Her daughter had a crush on the boy and wanted to know if he felt the same. Almost as soon as Kathe picked up the ring she began to feel a burning, crushing pressure on her chest. The pressure became so intense Kathe had to drop the ring and open a window to get some fresh air. Kathe was puzzled because she knew the boy to be a healthy African American young man. Days later she encountered him and noticed he wore a medallion of the flag of Africa on a chain around his neck. It rested just on the place on his chest where she had felt the pressure. She surmised she had not been feeling anything physically wrong with the boy but rather the intense emotions inherent in the symbol of the flag.

These two instances together were Kathe’s introduction to the practice of psychometry, the divination art of discerning information about an object, its history, or its owner by holding it.

That same year while on vacation visiting a college friend in San Francisco, Kathe bought a deck of Tarot cards at Fisherman’s Wharf. She found that this time she quickly developed the ability to read the cards. As a younger woman, she hadn’t had the life experience to interpret them. With two teenagers at home, they and their friends quickly became her willing practice subjects and it was not long before they began reporting back to her the accuracy of her predictions. Kathe learned to incorporate the use of psychometry into her Tarot readings, allowing her to provide a comprehensive Tarot and intuitive reading.

Soon Kathe was doing readings professionally and in 1992 she moved from Delaware to the San Francisco Bay area where she lived for the next 4 years, working most of that time as a psychic with Sacred Productions, Inc., an organization that hosted weekly psychic fairs in the northern California area. She attended the Acupressure Institute in Berkeley and acquired her certification as an Acupressure Massage Therapist. The training granted her an understanding of the human body's anatomical functions and energy systems through the study of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Eventually she realized the method by which she had been delivering health related information as a standard part of her readings for years had a recognized format and that she was in fact a Medical Intuitive. Despite her success as a Tarot card reader and psychic Kathe remained skeptical of the channeling concept until one night in 1993 when she was reading for a young woman whose boyfriend had recently been murdered. The reading started out normally. When the subject of the woman’s boyfriend came up in the cards Kathe began to feel a sensation above her head as if something was hovering about 6 – 8 inches above it. She tried to wave it away with her hands, the way one would swoosh away a persistent fly. Quickly, she became aware that it was not a fly and it was, in fact, the deceased boyfriend and he wanted to communicate. This was Kathe’s first personal experience with direct mediumship and from that point on Kathe has done channelings upon request and spontaneous channelings frequently occur during her readings.

As a child Kathe spent a great deal of time on her grandparents’ farm in northern Ohio where her grandmother and a beloved aunt instilled in her a love of and respect for nature. When studying at the Acupressure Institute she was introduced to the ancient Chinese spiritual tradition of Taoism, which is characterized by a close relationship with and respect for nature. Around the same time she was introduced to the practice of Shamanism by a reader she met through Sacred Productions, Inc. This led Kathe to become a Shamanic practitioner and she received some of her early Shamanic training from Michael Harner himself, author of “The Way of the Shaman” and founder of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies.  The blending of these two complimentary spiritual practices created for her the spiritual path that continues to support her today in her work and in her life.

For several years she was a professional member and invited speaker at the Rhine Research Center in Durham, North Carolina where she gave numerous presentations and workshops. From 2006 to 2011 she held public audience style channeling events in Greensboro, North Carolina, connecting audience members with deceased family, friends, and pets. Kathe resides in Greensboro where she maintains an active private practice doing phone readings all over the country.