The video clip below is of a previous Channeling Event with Kathe.

Click here to see the O’Henry Magazine’s Starlight Room premium podcast interview in January 2020 with Kathe Martin.

Click here to see the panel discussion on Mediumship at the Rhine Research Center, Durham, NC October 2013.

Kathe was interviewed for an article in the Pacific Standard, a California based print and online magazine. Click here to read the full article.

Click here to watch a presentation that Kathe gave at The Rhine Research Center: “Death, The Final Journey and How We Survive It – A Medium’s Perspective with Kathe Martin” from Rhine Research Center on Vimeo.

The link below is a video of Kathe participating at the Panel Discussion at the Rhine Research center in November 2012.
Link to Panel Discussion

Click here to hear Kathe’s interview on the Jane Shoup Super’s Realms podcast.


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